Surfboard rental in Lacanau Ocean

The Cheeky Family also enables you to rent your surf equipment.

We offer different ranges of surfboards depending on your level, foam boards for beginners or for those who want to have a smooth experience or are yet to master the waves. These soft “foamy” boards are also good to play with in tiny waves or on a small swell day!

The so-called “hard” epoxy boards are also available for the more experienced surfers.

We also supply wetsuits with various thickness according to the seasons; with options for men, women and children for better comfort. Freshly picked gear to spend a good time in the water while staying safe!

Never forget: don’t judge a surfer by looking at his board!

Cheeky-Family-Auberge SurfCamp & School + Lacanau + cheekyfamily-surfschool-surfcamp-lacanau-auberge
2 HOURS 9 € 3 € 11 € 13 €
4 HOURS 12 € 5 € 15 € 17 €
1 DAY 18 € 9 € 24 € 25 €
2 DAYS 30 € 14 € 39 € 42 €
3 DAYS 40 € 19 € 54 € 56 €
4 DAYS 50 € 24 € 68 € 70 €
5 DAYS 60 € 29 € 84 € 84 €
6 DAYS 68 € 34 € 99 € 95 €
1 WEEK 75 € 39 € 114 € 105 €

* SURFBOARD : foam boards only

** TECHNICAL BOARD : prices include only the rental of the board (epoxy).

Know how to be responsible before reaching autonomy

First and foremost, we want people renting gear from the Cheeky Family to respect others and be responsible for themselves while in the water. Before renting we always ask your level and surf experience in order to select the best kind of board. It’s essential to assess properly your own level, you shouldn’t overestimate yourself when facing the wild ocean and its strength!

Surf can become a dangerous sport if practised without knowledge, it’s indeed crucial to know how to “read” the ocean and tidal movements.  With this knowledge you can select the best time, depending on your level to jump in the water safely. We aim to raise awareness amongst people on this topic ensuring a responsible rental practice. The daily “surf report” is posted every morning by our wave wise man, Jeff from Lacanau Surf Info. Thanks to him you’ll have all the information required for a good session out there!

location-vente_VENTE DE PLANCHE RT-lacanau

Surfboard shop

During the summer of 2018, we started a flourishing partnership with the surfboard brand RT SURFBOARD. Its designer and shaper Alberto, allows us to have different board models available for sale, but also some test boards for those who want to try the brand.

We’re the only shop selling RT SURFBOARD in the Gironde area and we’re proud of this partnership with Alberto.