A surf school in Lacanau Ocean’s south beach

The school is located 2 minutes walk from the waves, we meet 15 minutes before each surf lesson so that you take time to meet your instructor and gear up from head to toe. You’re then ready to start these 2 hours of fun and pleasure!

Surf courses at the Cheeky Family are given by our state-certified instructors (“Brevet d’état de surf“), additionally qualified with a sea-rescue diploma to ensure your safety.

The gear rental (board and wetsuit) is included in the surf lessons’ prices. Wooden changing rooms with male and female areas and outdoor showers are also at your disposal.

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Surf trips according to your level

Customized surf lessons, whatever your age, with up to 8 people per group.

We manage our groups according to the various levels, ages and expectations for a better learning while staying safe.

From 6 years old, your little crimps can join and discover the pleasure of surfing, with its environment, the ocean, but also its boards and waves. The whole experience steaming towards a method mixing education and recreation.

We use the same approach for older people, adaptive teaching in line with the different audiences, from the beginner who has never surfed before to the expert who needs some more technical advice, along with a strong sharing spirit with the whole Cheeky Family surf school in Lacanau!

Cheeky-Family-Auberge SurfCamp & School + Lacanau + cheekyfamily-surfschool-surfcamp-lacanau-auberge
Ecole de surf Lacanau Cheeky Family
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Surf courses based on discovering the Gironde area and its environment

Our instructors, while passing on their surfing passion, teach you the fundamentals for a good start in the ocean.

You’ll learn to understand wave formation, the way to choose them and the dangers of the rip currents (called “baïnes”). Our instructors will provide you the most important information in order to be autonomous, being able to manage these currents safely and then select the best sandbank to surf.

Cheeky-Family-Auberge SurfCamp & School + Lacanau + cheekyfamily-surfschool-surfcamp-lacanau-auberge