All you need to know about the surf school

The Cheeky Family greets you in its brand new Surf school in Lacanau Ocean, only 2 minutes walk from the waves. As soon as April starts we’re open every day until early November, we offer surf trips depending on levels and ages, for a better learning and a high-standard of courses.

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The “Cheeky” spirit at Lacanau Surf school

In this small friendly and familiar Surf school, Dimitri the instructor, is an enthusiastic surfer who has been living in Lacanau for 20 years. His love for the ocean turns into a strong will to pass on his knowledge of this element in which he’s been instructing surfing for 10 years.

Forget about these surf lessons with instructors monitoring from the beach, at the Cheeky Family coaching is done straight in the water by a state-certified instructor.

There are no established hours for the surf courses as the waves’ selection is essential to adapt according to tide schedules, ocean condition and the different levels of practice. The training has to differ for beginners who stay close to the shore and for the most reckless surfers catching waves outback!

Cheeky-Family-Auberge SurfCamp & School + Lacanau + cheekyfamily-surfschool-surfcamp-lacanau-auberge
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Surf courses, surf trips and suitable gear for more fun !

Suitable gear depending on each individual’s level of practice for all shapes and sizes, with wetsuits for each season for your safety and comfort. We also provide male and female changing rooms, together with outdoor showers and bathrooms.

Whether you’re a little 6-year old shrimp, a 45-year old crayfish or a 98-year old lobster, don’t waver joining a surf course, our methods are adapted for each learner.

Surf trips are built around strong values: exchanging and sharing, just as the whole Cheeky Family!

Cheeky-Family-Auberge SurfCamp & School + Lacanau + cheekyfamily-surfschool-surfcamp-lacanau-auberge